Elite care and coaching is unique offer – I am delighted to come with an offer designed for them those who want to live their lives to the fullest.

Discover your sensory, sexuality, get rid of stereotype, improve, develop your hidden potential, and use all the means the universe offers to achieve your life’s satisfaction.

H O W ?


Thank you for finding your own way to me, now we will continue on your path of knowledge together. 

If you found me, you need me.

I become your personal guide, coach, leadership, friend, companion, confidant.

I look forward to each one of you.


Welcome to Elite Care

and take full advantage this offer brings just for you.



          From experience I know that most of you are busy with your duties, work, business meetings, family or your hobby, leaving you with minimum of free time.

 Is me pleasure to offer, take care of everything:

  • Organize a meeting that requires an extraordinary place,
  • prepare meeting conditions,
  • be responsible for the course of the meeting,
  • find all available information,
  • prepare the entire itinerary,
  • all of this requires a great deal of focus and time – for you this means money and a never-ending communication between us. I’ll take care of everything.

What are the steps of the ELITE CARE?

1, Choose the ELITE CARE package that you prefer, or ask for a customized offer

Send me the date when the meeting suits you best. Choose one of the suggested countries. I’m open to other countries, but no metropolis are appropriate for this type of meeting.

2, We will agree on the terms

over a telephone conversation, a Skype communication, a Viber communication or other form of online communication, during which we create our first real contact. We will discuss our meeting, during which I’ll be very happy to answer all your questions.

3, Each ELITE CARE PACKAGE has its basic price and specific content

the details of which can be found in the respective offers. The price is tailored according to your other special requirements, so it is not final. Do not hesitate to write to me what you would like to experience in the selected country, all your needs, the comfort of your accommodation. I will do everything for you so that you make the most of your time with ME and get the best feeling from ELITE CARE.

The price consists of 2 parts

The 1st part is the price of the ELITE CARE package and it includes:

The 2nd part is the price of:

  • My flight ticket
  • Accommodation above standard in luxury houses, mountain cottages, apartments, or small family guesthouses, breakfast.
  • Costs charged at places where a particular part of our meeting takes place
  • Transfers

COSTS depend on your requirements and are based on previous experience. They can be increased on the basis of your special requirements.


Estimated costs, prices and further options:

For this treatment I prefer very quiet place surrounded with nature, water (river, ocean, see, lake) far from big city, a small village in the mountains or the beach. For maximum energy use, the choice of landscape is also important. I prefer these places:

  • It is possible to choose a different place, except Bali or big cities. Let me know your suggestion and we’ll discuss the possibilities further.

Please don´t hesitate to write me all your special requirement such as:

  • Vegetarian or vegan meal
  • Special meal
  • Accommodation quality
  • Boat trip
  • More people
  • Tools
  • Special transfer
  • Car with driver
  • Helicopter
  • Non-allergic things
  • Security
  • And more……..
  • Accomodation – tailored offer
  • My flight ticket – business class
  • Transfers
  • Meal
  • Special working tools
  • Entrances
  • Rent a car with driver if is important
  • Local guide if is important
  • Special requirement
  • 3 days 2000 – 9000 EUR 
  • 5 days 3000 – 12000 EUR
  • 7 days 5000 – 15000 EUR
  • 10 days 7000 – 25000 EUR
  • 14 days 10 000 – 30000 EUR

How to make an appointment

Please contact me by e-mail.

I organize my work myself, so I’ll appreciate if you send the most information right at the first contact.

Detailed information helps us both use the time effectively, organize the meeting swiftly and meet your expectations. I’m aware that my offer is exceptional and different, many of you have an idea, but you can not materialize it, do not hesitate to contact me with your requirements and wishes, I always do everything to make your dream meeting a reality.


Etiquette is an essential part of each meeting, so I ask you to make sure before meeting that you have the same opinion and attitude to our meeting as I do.

  • You know that every person you meet has something to give. No meeting is random. You are tolerant to any race, nationality, place or idea of ​​an individual. Because: "It is not important where we are, but where we head to."
  • You know that every country has its system, customs and traditions, and you respect it, without humiliation and comparison.
  • You know that each person has a different understanding of the same situation or service. Everyone is creating their own reality. We don’t judge according to the situations like: The quality of a 5-star hotel in one country does not equal the quality of a 5-star hotel in another country, a personal driver is delayed, keeping the tradition of a siesta, etc.
  • You know that whatever we do and whatever our plans are, nature is omnipotent. You have faith and a positive view, you can flexibly adapt to the changes caused by the Force Majeure (change of weather, volcano eruption, typhoon, family death, injury, etc.).
  • You know that you are a gentleman in every situation and you still keep this gentleman's principles.
  • You know that you like spending time with exceptional people, respecting them, enjoying new views on the world, enjoying new ways of spending your free time.
  • You know that use of large amounts of alcohol, drugs and other narcotic substances is inappropriate
  • You know that you pay for my time, knowledge and skills. You respect the course of the meeting and agree to its timetable.
  • You know that any significant interference with the course of a meeting may reduce its effectiveness and its significance.

I am glad that these are your strengths and I look forward to meeting such an exceptional personality.

Terms of payment

You agree to pay 60% of the SELECTED ELITE CARE package + all costs associated with the stay (flight ticket, accommodation, travel expenses, entrance fees, local service providers if necessary, etc.). on the bank account of the company according to the issued invoice. The remaining 40% will be paid at least 5 days before the meeting, also on the company account. I do not accept cash payments. If our meeting is to take place in the near future from a binding reservation (7 days) I will ask for the payment of the entire amount of the ELITE CARE PACKAGE. TRAVELING TO USA AND AUSTRALIA often requires additional information, so the following information are always necessary:
  1. where I travel – the place of stay
  2. how long I travel – the period spent in the country
  3. reason for travel – business trip for the purpose of coaching, lecturing, therapy or consultation according to the issued invoice, which is paid to the company account.
Each appointment is insured against cancellation of travel services. In the case of such event, cancellation will be realised in accordance with the cancellation insurance requirements and conditions, the value of 80 – 100% of the expended costs regarding travelling, accommodation and transport is to be refunded. After the payment of the appointment charges I do recommend to arrange a your own insurance of travel costs along with medical insurance as well.

Respect for privacy and confidentiality

My top priority is to protect our privacy. I make great efforts and measures to adhere to strict confidentiality rules. Protecting our privacy is the priority of my services. Experience has taught me to communicate effectively, to make all the information clear, to make one online call during which I am happy to provide you with all the necessary information, not to create any common photos, not to promote on social media or other media.

Cancellation conditions

“Men have plans, destiny changes them.”

I know that there may be unforeseen events on both sides that require cancellation of the agreed meeting.

  1. If there is an unpredictable situation and our meeting is cancelled from YOUR side at least 14 days before the date of meeting, I will refund your deposit, but the costs already paid for the ticket, accommodation, special equipment or other costs ARE NOT REFUNDED. If the appointment is cancelled within a period of 13 days up to the date of the meeting, the deposit will not be refunded; I will offer you a new date within the next 6 months. You will pay again for all the costs associated with the new meeting.
  2. If there is an unforeseen situation and our meeting is cancelled from MY side (cancellation is not caused by “Force Majeure”, storm, natural disaster, typhoon, snowstorm, etc.), you will be refunded the entire deposit and the costs paid. If our meeting is cancelled because of the weather conditions that I cannot influence, I will refund you your deposit but the costs will not be refunded.
    A delay in flight or transfer is not the reason for cancelling a meeting.


Thank you very much for appreciating my work, life philosophy and the desire to develop, educate and pass on my knowledge further.

My goal is to build a CENTER OF TOUCH where knowledge of human energy and quantum physics, teaching of how to learn through emotions, discovering the body as a proof of its thinking is being implemented. There are various therapies, massages, rituals and a school focused on working with human energy and the influences of thinking on the life and health of man.

The construction and realization of my unique complex is worth EUR 3,000,000. Thank you for your support of my life vision.

If you would like to support my vision, please drop me a line and we’ll discuss the options.



“Even the biggest storm consists of small, separate droplets” G.O.T.

Elite Care Packages

Secret of Tantra

This unique tantric path prepares you to claim the healing gifts of the universe, where you learn how to partner up with and tap into the source of creation and where you journey between the worlds through transformation.

Huna Rituals

Huna – an ancient Hawaiian secret – the key to a successful everyday life.

Magic rituals

Sexual energy by imagination and self-knowledge. Welcome to the world of rituals and take advantage of the gift you have

Eelite Sensual Care

Choose your custom care package designed to suit your preferences and needs.

Dragon Woman Therapy

Intensive experience of hexagrams, I-ting and cosmic symbols. During our stay, we use the power of ancient learning to strengthen and harmonize our bodies, fulfil our goals, open up our creativity, increase sexual energy, as well as life energy and joy.