Custom Elite Sensual Care

The price depends on:
  • Chosen country
  • Your special requirements
  • My travel expenses
  • Chosen type of elite care (see below)


Custom care package designed to suit your preferences and needs.

Your aspirations are changing and developing, and you would like to try something new, unusual, experience exceptional moments.

You’re looking for new opportunities to make your leisure time, holiday, business trip or life more enjoyable. Take advantage of the combination of my abilities. In my company, all of these abilities are available to you.

Meeting with me has many benefits

  • The beneficial effects of my divine touch will fulfil your hidden aspirations.
  • My energy will charge you with a positive impulse, the influence of my presence and energy will fill you with satisfaction that will persist long after our meeting.
  • Experience the pleasure of tantric massage, rituals and treats of Egyptian kings, sensual massages that expose your deepest desires and feelings.
  • Or would you like to meditate under the guidance of an experienced expert,
  • harmonize your chakras,
  • train concentration,
  • learn with special touch,
  • discover your sexual needs,
  • new hidden desires, seek the best way to fulfil them,
  • courses,
  • VIP long-term cooperation
  • use hexagrams and symbols
  • yoga training
  • massage
  • company for a business meeting,
  • detox body
  • and much more?

We can all do it together.

As well as lying on the beach, keeping each other company, reading a book, enjoying a morning coffee, tasty dinner, sunset, going to opera or theatre.

The world is what we think of it, and mine is without limits. I look forward to the moments spent together.

ELITE CARE offers more options:
  • Individual meeting by wish
  • ELITE companion
  • Detox treatment
  • Mental harmony
  • Body rituals
  • Removing negative blocks and and habits with guided meditation (smoking, eating too much, humiliation, low self – esteem, alcohol, ect.)
  • The power of touch
  • Coaching
  • Individual courses

I am delighted to prepare a meeting for you and spend time with you.


For this kind of VIP care, I will prepare a custom offer  according to your individual requirements.

The price includes:

The price ELITE SENSUAL PACKAGE includes the use of all my knowledge, experience, my company,  working tools, all style of massages, according to the type of meeting.

The price doesn’t include:

FLIGHT  TICKETS, TRANSFERS AND ACCOMMODATION (Accommodation – means individual accommodation – apartment, hotel room, guest room within larger complexes, boat cabin, etc.)

VIP long-term cooperation

1 month, 3 months,6 months, 1year. During this time I m YOUR sensualist and you use all my knowledge.

1 day       3000 EUR

2 days     5000 EUR

3 days     7000 EUR

4 days     9000 EUR

5 days    12000 EUR

6 days    15000 EUR

1 week   18000 EUR

2 weeks  28000 EUR

10 days     8000 EUR

14 days   11000 EUR

21 days   18000 EUR

3 days    5000 EUR

5 days    7000 EUR

7 days  10000 EUR

3 days    6000 – 12000 EUR

5 days    9000 – 17000 EUR

7 days  14000 – 25000 EUR

10 days     9000 EUR

14 days   12000 EUR

21 days   18000 EUR

3 days      5000 EUR

5 days      7000 EUR

7 days    10000 EUR

10 days  12000 EUR

1 month      40 000 EUR

3 months    100 000 EUR

6 months  180 000 EUR

1 year       300 000 EUR

Skill level

• Beginner
• Intermediate
• Advanced

General information

• 5, 7 or 10 days with instruction in English
• Spoken languages: English
• The maximum participants in the group is 1 person (For more people please contact me by email.)

Cancellation Policy

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