Huna Rituals

  • 5 days 3500 – 5000 €
  • 7 days 6 000 – 7000 €
  • 10 days 7 000 – 10 000 €


     Huna rituals, therapy and courses and Ho´oponopono therapy, rituals massages and courses  an ancient Hawaiian secret – the key to a successful everyday life (love, sexuality, finance, health, family).

Huna rituals and Ho´oponopono is the Hawaiian clearing system to maintain energetic alignment and harmony between your spirit and mind, as well as with other people and some in sexual energy.

      Do you want to bring more spiritual connection to your work, life, relationships, love, or business? Are you willing to connect soul to soul with another person to create limitless transformation of the body, mind and spirit? Huna and Ho´oponopono bring peace, success, love, understanding, leadership, spirituality, health and energy to your life.

      During 5, 7 to 10 days spent in the beautiful surroundings of nature, beaches and mountains, we remain in touch with this ancient learning. We perform Ho´oponopono morning cleansing rituals on the beautiful beach, discover daily Huna rituals, ancient massages, learn about Huna and Ho´oponopono techniques, relax, enjoy  food and beverages, and pamper ourselves.

     I will teach you how to use Huna and Ho´oponopono in everyday life and how to use these techniques to achieve anything you want in your life. I become your teacher, companion and masseuse. Everyone is a unique creature and therefore I create a unique stay for everyone, tailored to your individual needs.

     Thank you for showing me confidence and revealing your wishes and needs. Do you wish to:

  • increase the power of concentration,
  • the power of sexual energy,
  • or feel the power of Ho´oponopono massage,
  • purify the body, learn and perform rituals,
  • strengthen your health,
  • sexuality, love,
  • finance, power,
  • learn the principles of this philosophy,
  • or just go through an exceptional experience, discover what life offers us and much more?

     The wide range of uses of HUNA RITUALS and HO´OPONOPONO gives us endless possibilities. My virtue is the joy of working with sexual energy. I also transform this knowledge to many HUNA RITUALS.

     My favourite rituals include, for example, the power of sexual energy, sexual energy and success, sexual energy and finance, sexual energy and concentration, and others. I look forward to our stay, which will fill our lives with new adventures, knowledge and experience.

     Because as I share with you, you also share with me. Thank you.

Retreat highlights

• Morning exercises and rituals
• Special HUNA consultation and ancien blessing ceremonies
• Personalized HUNA rituals
• Daily guided HUNA and HOOPONOPONO meditation sessions
• HOOPONOPONO taping therapy
• Creation HUNA and HOOPONOPONO magical tools
• HUNA and HOOPONOPONO for sexual power
• HUNA and HOOPONOPONO massage
• Teaching HUNA and HOOPONOPONO therapy
• Daily relax, trips

Skill level

• Beginner
• Intermediate
• Advanced

General information

• 7 or 10 days with instruction in English
• Spoken languages: English
• The maximum participants in the group is 1 person (For more people please contact me by email.)

Cancellation Policy

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