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The power of the MOON – LUNA has been used for ages in different areas of our lives. Luna was worshipped by many civilizations, ethnic and cultures was connected to magic, spells, rituals and feminine principles. Every civilization had its own goddess of LUNA. Different moon phases together with planet constellation and zodiac have a big influence on nature, animals and people.

LUNA ritual has been practised for ages. In ancient Egypt, astrologists combined birth dates with star constellations, zodiac and moon phases to set the best time for body cleansing rituals. Pagan rituals of Luna were full of gifts, fire and magic.

Whole body-massage rituals during FULL MOON and NEW MOON are complex massages to work with body energy. By distributing energy you can accomplish a specific goal. Many different energies are used during this procedure. The most powerful is the sexual energy of the body that has the highest level during full moon and new lune. I will provide more information during personal consultation.


FULL MOON has great healing and magical power. Full moon is a good time for removing negative emotions, memories, thoughts, old burdens, fears and negative habits and move towards new horizons. Full moon helps mental and emotional cleansing. During full moon, all the things that hold us back and block us are given to the mother LUNE. All whole-body massage rituals are performed during full moon phase with the use of special tools and fire.




NEW MOON symbolizes rebirth, new beginning, new energy and start. During this period the energy concentrates on new goals, visions, wishes and this is a good time to begin exercising, diet, relationships and so. Whole-body massage rituals are performed during this new lune phase with the use of various spells, flowers and special essential oils.


Price depend on style rituals. I provide more information during personal consultation.

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