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A quality sex life is an important part of our lives. Sex is for our lives as important as food or water and it represents a basic human need. At present, we are directly and indirectly influenced by sex at every turn. Ads often have hidden sex symbols; the internet is full of sex sites, aids, movies, magazines, various computer games and so on.

Our subconsciousness often perceives these symbols passively, we do not even know about it. Suddenly, we begin to feel insecure in ourselves and in our natural sexuality, and we do not even know where this uncertainty comes from. We often start to doubt ourselves without a direct impulse.

We deal with the looks, the weight, the age, we examine what is the trend in erotic lingerie, we seek out new sexual techniques, we exchange partners with each other, women increasingly incline to women and men to men. Life in a couple encounters a faster stereotype and sexual disharmony. We do everything possible, we sexually experiment, but there is still no sexual satisfaction. CORRECT, it doesn’t come that way. And even if it does, it is only for a short time.

A quality sexual life needs to be built constantly. As our other basic needs change, our sexual needs change as well. Getting to know our real sexual needs, knowing what satisfies us and an open communication with a partner is now a problem for many people.

We create the wrong illusions about how we should look and what we could do to satisfy a partner; on the contrary we often bear what we do not like and often keep silent about our sexual dissatisfaction.

This is a problem for both women and men. I don’t know where the myth has arisen that when a man has an erection and achieves orgasm he is also sexually satisfied and, equally for women, when a woman has sexual intercourse she is sexually satisfied.

More and more individuals and couples seek out professional sex coaching services that deal with a very wide range of sexuality, sexual practices, communication, sexual energy, and sexual life problems. It comprises theoretical knowledge and allows you to learn practical skills.

Sex coach focuses on:

  • Improving sexual life of individuals and couples (heterosexual, homosexual)

  • Creating, developing, or improving communication between partners or building new acquaintances

  • Helping to define sexual needs and implement them in sexual life

  • Teaching sexual practices

  • Teaching how to work with body and sexual energy

  • Teaching sex as a tool for manipulation

  • Helping people with disabilities to find joy in their bodies and learn how to perceive their sexuality in them and to have a full-valued sex life

  • Teaching to use sexual energy to achieve one’s own goals

  • Reducing sexual blocks and limitations that prevent full-valued sexual life

General information

• Spoken languages: English
• The maximum participants in the group is 1 person, couple (For more people please contact me by email.)

Cancellation Policy

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