ONLINE LIFE – Sexual Energy Killer

In business, a sexually dissatisfied individual is the most vulnerable due to the lack of concentration on details, especially when dealing with the opposite sex.

A sexually dissatisfied individual is controllable in all spheres of his or her life, is subject to the influence of advertisements, his or her subconscious reads sexual stimuli masterfully hidden in articles, photos, colours, or smells.

He or she is easy to manipulate, easy to influence, little concentrated, radiating almost no sexual power and having a weak sexual energy coefficient.

It is not about a physical sexual act, masturbation or porn. It is a whole set of external stimuli that strengthen our sexuality and thus make us more successful, attractive and richer.

Due to the recent external circumstances, such as the current pandemic, the lives of many people have moved into the online world based on virtual communication.

A personal encounter with another person is slowly becoming considered dangerous, and this thought, deeply connected with emotion, affects our subconscious. Based on these thoughts, the subconscious creates our reality.

We began to consider the following acceptable and correct: online shopping, online work, online lessons, online chats, online lunches, online dinners, online decisions, online exercising, online relaxation, online dating, online sex… online, we create personalities we are not.

At the beginning there was great joy, especially on the side of people who wanted to work from home. Students and pupils were also enthusiastic. However, all this requires great self-discipline and emotional stability.

At the moment, protests are beginning in the world and students are asking for their return to schools, many people would like to be in their office again. Why is that so? What is the problem? After all, the universe – a cosmic force – has fulfilled the dream of millions of people on this planet at once.

We lack human contact, the basis of our energy, the source of our inspiration, our sexuality, our emotions, imagination, and development, the source of our love, our self-realization, feelings, and self-confidence.

Our senses are fading away and slowly “dying”. We are not using them, we are not training them, and we are not developing them. The senses are like muscles, if we don’t train them they don’t develop; they weaken and often completely vanish.

Many of us have lost the inspiration to dress nicely, many have stopped exercising, and beauty salons have minimal work. Going to the hair salon? What for? I’m home all the time. Dress nicely and want to be attractive? What for? I’m only at home.

The level of dressing up and behaving well decreased by 80%. The level of verbal communication is at the freezing point. Direct argumentation and Building personality will become the best paid courses after the pandemic.

The most common answer that clients will give me is: What for? I’m home, it’s just an online meeting, I only have an online class etc.

All this represents the source of our energy. It is important that you maintain and increase it at home. Why are you willing to dress decently and attractively when going to the office for a personal meeting and the same online conference does not motivate you to do so?

The answer is simple. Impersonality, you know you will not encounter any human energy directly. If you went to the meeting in person, you would care how you look, how you smell, how you act, how you behave, how the surrounding perceives you. You would immediately use all your knowledge of psychology, business communication tricks, and direct praise.

However, people on the other side of your screen feel it. Suddenly you are no longer the person with striking charisma, humour, elegantly dressed, full of vigour. You have to spend much more energy to achieve the same results than when you are physically at work. Your home environment always disturbs you, new stimuli do not come, the imagination does not develop and you have no motivation.

How glad would you be if you could offer your customer the goods directly, advise him in person, see his reactions, his posture, his expression of emotions?

How glad would you be if you saw that someone really liked your work and you saw the enthusiasm and interest in their eyes?

How glad would you be if you could walk down the hallway between your offices, seeing the gazes of your colleagues, feeling like you are a man or a woman with a certain sexual drive?

How glad would you be if an attractive woman or man looked at you and gave you the feeling that you interested them?

How glad would you be to feel the luxurious upholstery of a prestigious restaurant, where professional staff took first class care of you and the chef himself would come to greet you?

How glad would you be if you could feel again that your daily work and earning makes sense, and you could luxuriously enjoy your fruits of work and be pampered for it?

What would you give for any personal emotional experience with another person?

We create money to exchange it for experiences and emotions. Money has strength and power only when it is used. Otherwise it is worthless.

All of this is a source of our energy and thus a source of our sexual energy. Sexual energy is the strongest energy that a person is able to use to achieve their goals.

Napoleon Hill himself writes in his book Think and Grow Rich: “The emotions of faith, love, and sex are the most powerful of all the major positive emotions. When the three are blended, they have the effect of “coloring” the vibration of thought in such a way that it instantly reaches the subconscious mind.”

It is becoming more and more necessary to develop our sexual energy so that we do not “die” emotionally.

First of all, however, it is necessary to start from ourselves. We are the source, we are the creators of sexual energy, we are the users of sexual energy and we are the tool that is able to use it for our enrichment.

Online life is the killer of our sexual energy. The longer we miss contact with other people, the more easily we can be influenced, manipulated, and become emotionally unstable.

Those who know how to control the external stimuli of sexual energy will be successful, strong and powerful.