Secret of Tantra

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     Together we will experience the path of tantric mystery of touch, meditation, love, yoga, health and philosophy.

     We will experience deep excitement, satisfaction, energy transformation, healing, increased sexual energy, tantric rituals and dances in the heart of pure nature.

     We will enrich our lives with self-knowledge; remove the blocks in the flow of sexual energy that forms our creative energy.

     We will approach our deity and increase our energy in order to fulfil our life goals, improve our control and our noble goals. We will learn to enrich our sex life and increase sexuality in our partner life.

     Tantric massage will release the body, lift the spirit, and you will experience the transformation of your sexual energy.

     Days spent together change to the paradise in which you are your own God. You know your body, you control it, and your mind has never been as intensely focused and peaceful as throughout the tantric touch and meditation. I look forward to you.

     This unique tantric path prepares you to claim the healing gifts of the universe, where you learn how to partner up with and tap into the source of creation and where you journey between the worlds through transformation.

Creating your own reality and experience of pleasure

     Pleasure is often associated with sex, because pleasure is a feeling of enjoyable sensation in the body and mind. But Tantric principles state that all things in life should give you pleasure.

      Everything you do can give you pleasure if you have the complete understanding of Tantric philosophy. You are then asked to observe the feeling of pleasure and pain, and how you can disassociate from it and experience your own kind of pleasure.


I perform Tantric ritual “The secret of temple” using my knowledge that I learned over the years of studying tantric philosophy. At the beginning the massage is not limited by time – we need to achieve the goal we set so we use as much time as we need. After consultation with client we choose the massage process, the type of massage, techniques and other things that we need to achieve the goal. In this tantric ritual of the secret of temple both goals can be achieved – tantric and neotantric. This ritual is for men as well as women. More information can you find on my website about tantra.

Tantric masseuse is a person that guides you during tantric massage. She conducts a complex ritual of pre-set elements – this makes tantric massage original. The  elements of tantric massage depend on the type of tantric massage, the masseur and his/her level of energy and professional level. There are many different tantric practices that vary depending on the school where masseurs studied. Nowadays in Europe the most dominant is the New age stream. I personally do tantric massage using ritual method of old yogis that I personally learned in the Orient (I don’t want to specify the place because I want to protect sacred order.)

• is a teacher, he teaches you how to breathe properly
• shows you how to perceive energy flow
• defines massage limits
• helps the receiver get into contact with his own body
• can identify reactions of the body and adapt his activities to it
• tantric massage is a sensual complexity that has to be followed

• doesn’t lead the massage and doesn’t actively enter massage
• goal is not to fulfill client’s imaginations but to lead him out of his expectations, fantasies and imaginations
• in tantric massage the is NO sexual encounter between the receiver and giver!
• the giver doesn’t touch the receiver and remains passive!
• doesn’t request / negotiate a sexual encounter
• the main purpose of the massage is not orgasm and the receiver can’t demand it
• the purpose of tantric massage is NOT to satisfy sexual impulse
• the receiver is informed about it and has to respect it

Tantric massage can also include massaging intimate zones if it is a part of the chosen massage. Masseur respects clients feelings and limits, he is developing personal approach to the whole process and spreads energy to the whole body. Although orgasm is not a goal it happens in many cases. But it is an outcome of releasing many different emotional blocks, fears, bocked sexual energy etc. Orgasm is the impact of tantric massage and masseurs energy itself. Energy that is created in this way has many positive benefits for the receiver.


1. deep and long lasting relaxation
2. ability to work with your own sexual energy
3. understanding of emotional reactions of your body
4. removing shyness
5. learning the power of the present moment and concentration
6. stopping your self control and meditatively let the energy flow
7. feeling your own sexuality
8. finding esteem to your body
9. finding yourself
10. removing negative influences
11. learning how to increase intensity of your sexual pleasures with your whole body
12. in pairs creating everlasting sexuality

Retreat highlights

• Kundalini practices (to awake the hidden energy)
• Tantra practices (to unite and balance the Shiva and Shakti)
• Tantra yoga (for physical health and flexibility)
• Pranayama (for energy balance and proper breathing)
• Meditation (for calming and relaxing the mind)
• Bandhas (for awakening the hidden energy and channeling the energy in the proper direction)
• Mudras (yogic gestures that help you to save your energy)
• Tantric rituals
• Tantric massage
• Work with sexual energy
• Tantric touching

Skill level

• Beginner
• Intermediate
• Advanced

General information

• 5,7 or 10 days with instruction in English
• Spoken languages: English
• The maximum participants in the group is 1 person (For more people please contact me by email.)

Cancellation Policy

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