SENSUALIST is a person working with sensory phenomena, feelings and perceptions. I work with the strengths and weaknesses of the sensual perception of man, eliminate the negative patterns of sensory perception, and strengthen the perceptions.

I change and increase their positive energy enhancing the harmonization of man and the ability of man to increase the attainment of the life goals by the acquired energy.

My strong point is working with the sexual energy of man as the strongest kind of human energy we are able to create and transform. I use “body as evidence” to prove that every feeling and perception is physically manifested in a positive or negative state of our body.

I use a wide range of knowledge and years of experience from different spheres of spiritual and empirical science (tantrism, shamanism, i-ching, ancient rituals, a wide range of massages, acupressure, quantum physics, psychology, cosmic signs, coaching, shivaism, yoga practices, Hunu and Hooponopono, meditation, and many others).

As a sensualist I help you:

  • Improve
  • Change
  • Develop
  • Enjoy feelings, sexuality and life


Elite sensualist – my assets and benefits for you:

  • I show the way to fulfil your sexual aspirations
  • I master targeted meditation, yoga, and targeted contact meditation orienting sexual energy on a specific purpose
  • I seek and then teach you to use your emotional and sexual potential to achieve your goals
  • I teach you how to create and use your sexual power for your benefit and success
  • I am a coach of magical touch
  • I train men to become experienced lovers
  • I am a trainer of tantra and tantric massage
  • I help you get involved in social and sexual life after a difficult operation or a car accident where a physical handicap has occurred
  • I teach you to use your body language for successful business meetings
  • I teach you mutual communication between man and woman
  • I am a perfect companion for business meetings
  • I teach you the mysteries of various rituals and signs that help you achieve your goals
  • I organize stays aimed at detoxification of body and mind
  • I organize stays aimed at restarting your mind and body, where I use many years of experience regarding various massage techniques, meditation, targeted work with energy (including sexual energy)
  • I perform exceptional relaxation stays, where I am your companion, guide, yogini, therapist, masseuse, ritual master, sensualist
  • I provide custom-made stays according to the customer’s needs
  • I am a sex coach for couples who want to raise the level of their sex life and enrich it
  • I am a coach in establishing relationships between men and women
  • I organize a large number of workshops oriented on work with sexual energy and partnership
  • I create custom-made offers at the customer’s request
  • I provide long-term VIP cooperation, and I am at your disposal in preference during this period
  • I provide professional counselling for professionals working with sexual energy