Etiquette is an essential part of each meeting, so I ask you to make sure before meeting that you have the same opinion and attitude to our meeting as I do.

  • You know that every person you meet has something to give. No meeting is random. You are tolerant to any race, nationality, place or idea of ​​an individual. Because: "It is not important where we are, but where we head to."
  • You know that every country has its system, customs and traditions, and you respect it, without humiliation and comparison.
  • You know that each person has a different understanding of the same situation or service. Everyone is creating their own reality. We don’t judge according to the situations like: The quality of a 5-star hotel in one country does not equal the quality of a 5-star hotel in another country, a personal driver is delayed, keeping the tradition of a siesta, etc.
  • You know that whatever we do and whatever our plans are, nature is omnipotent. You have faith and a positive view, you can flexibly adapt to the changes caused by the Force Majeure (change of weather, volcano eruption, typhoon, family death, injury, etc.).
  • You know that you are a gentleman in every situation and you still keep this gentleman's principles.
  • You know that you like spending time with exceptional people, respecting them, enjoying new views on the world, enjoying new ways of spending your free time.
  • You know that use of large amounts of alcohol, drugs and other narcotic substances is inappropriate
  • You know that you pay for my time, knowledge and skills. You respect the course of the meeting and agree to its timetable.
  • You know that any significant interference with the course of a meeting may reduce its effectiveness and its significance.

I am glad that these are your strengths and I look forward to meeting such an exceptional personality.