The Tibetan singing bowl be used for sound healing or therapy, in which the bowls are played using different techniques in order to achieve the desired results of the treatment.
I use my Tibetan bowl for healing sexual energy and work with second chakra.
Tibetan singing bowl massage is combined with massage, and in this case they are usually played in the beginning, end and/or in the middle of the session.
Singing bowls with massage is a wonderful combination because it allows the therapist to work on the physical level with the massage.
Stimulate the sexual energy level and mind through promoting the free flow of energy. During the massage therapeut remove energetic blocks, clean fears and bring person to self love and satisfaction. Creat sexual charizma. It is truly a mind-blowing experience!

Massage is for man and woman.

For woman is diferent style, because female sexual energy has different character.


  • using Tibetan singing bowl,
  • opening ceremonial ritual,
  • clean chakras energy
  • working with the second chakra,
  • work with the energy channels of the body,
  • massage with hot oil,
  • lingam (for man) or yoni (for the woman) worship massage
  • deep relaxation
  • shower


  • 90 min 400 EUR
  • 2 hours 500 EUR