Your travelling is more than just a luxury trip from point A to point B, it is your lifestyle and it expresses your personality, how you value yourself, your free time, your work and your partners.

Your travelling is also a reflection of your standard of living and your social status. It reflects your desires, dreams and personal demands. It creates your individual prestige and contributes to how you are perceived by your surroundings as well as your business partners.

CREATE YOURSELF through your own unique way of travelling; build your travel identity that will attract attention. Be the creator of your own image; don’t let others take you for granted.

Travelling is like a piece of clay that can be transformed into a work of art. By using the services of a personal travel companion and sensualist you will create your own unique memorable characteristics for the surroundings.

Do not follow in the footsteps and travel habits of others; do not get hidden in their shadows. What happens first always looks better and more original than what comes next. Create your own style.

As BALTASAR GRACIÁN (1601 – 1658) said: “Avoid following in the footsteps of others – To equal a predecessor, one must have twice they worth. Many paths lead to uniqueness, but many of them are not swept at all.”

I’m your:
  • Professional, personal (private) travel manager for individuals as well as for groups,
  • representative companion and assistant,
  • personal travel companion,
  • elite sensualist,
  • city guide,
  • guide to gourmet experiences,
  • guide to adventure trip,
  • assistance in business negotiations,
  • assistance in attending congresses and lectures,
  • and more.

I look forward to being part of your travel life.

Welcome to a world of exclusive travel and individual experiences.


Welcome to Elite travelling Care

and take full advantage this offer brings just for you. Be demanding; I’m ready for it.

My portfolio consists of:

Personal travel manager, assistant and city guide

  • Securing all aspects of a holiday or business trip
  • Personal guidance throughout the whole trip and stay
  • Logistical support
  • Hotel selection and advice
  • Taking care of transport
  • Booking gourmet experiences
  • Creating a daily itinerary
  • Creating a strategic itinerary
  • Dealing with unforeseen events
  • Monitoring of health and hygiene measures and recommendations
  • Personal city guide
  • Assistance in business negotiations
  • Assistance in attending congresses and lectures
  • And more

Professional representative companion

  • Representative accompaniment to the cinema, theatre
  • Accompaniment to congresses and work meetings
  • Accompaniment to corporate events
  • Travel accompaniment
  • Holiday accompaniment
  • Experiential accompaniment
  • Accompaniment for gourmet experiences
  • Free time activities accompaniment
  • Accompaniment to the yacht


  • Fruitful conversations
  • Shopping and visiting major fashion houses
  • Creating a strategy – clothing as a tool of manipulation
  • Yoga exercises, fitness, taichi
  • Meditation
  • Elimination of physical and mental tension before and after business meeting
  • Elimination of physical and mental tension before and after sports performance
  • Increasing energy and concentration before a major business meeting or sport event
  • Creating a personal and work charisma tailored to the business meeting or upcoming event
  • Creation and maintenance of a personal quantum field according to the goal of the meeting
  • Creating a personal image with a goal
  • Relaxing and cleansing massages and therapies
  • Advice on creating persuasion strategies
  • Elimination of negative habits
  • And more

What are the steps of the ELITE TRAVEL CARE?

1, Choose the ELITE TRAVEL CARE package that you prefer, or ask for a customized offer

Send me the date when you want to travel. For holiday choose one of the suggested from my portfolio.

2, We will agree on the terms

over a telephone conversation, a Skype communication, a Viber communication or other form of online communication, during which we create our first real contact. We will discuss our meeting, during which I’ll be very happy to answer all your questions.

3, Each ELITE TRAVEL CARE PACKAGE has its basic price and specific content

the details of which can be found in the respective offers. The price is tailored according to your other special requirements, so it is not final. Do not hesitate to write to me about what you would like to experience in the selected country, all your needs, the comfort of your accommodation. I will do everything for you so that you make the most of your time and get the best feeling from ELITE TRAVELING CARE.

The price consists of 2 parts

The 1st part is the price of the ELITE TRAVEL CARE package and it includes:

  • ELITE TRAVEL CARE PACKAGE according to your choice and all necessary accessories.

The 2nd part is the price of:

  • My flight ticket
  • Accommodation above standard in luxury houses, mountain cottages, apartments, or small family guesthouses, breakfast.
  • Costs charged at places where a particular part of our meeting takes place
  • Transfers

COSTS depend on your requirements and are based on previous experience. They can be increased on the basis of your special requirements.

Estimated costs, prices and further options:

Please don´t hesitate to write me all your special requirement such as:

  • Vegetarian or vegan meal
  • Special meal
  • Accommodation quality
  • Boat trip
  • More people
  • Tools
  • Special transfer
  • Car with driver
  • Helicopter
  • Non-allergic things
  • Security
  • And more……..
  • Accomodation – tailored offer
  • My flight ticket – business class
  • Transfers
  • Meal
  • Special working tools
  • Entrances
  • Rent a car with driver if is important
  • Local guide if is important
  • Special requirement
  • Depends on duration and style of meeting.
  • Ask me for a tailor offers.

How to make an appointment

Please contact me by e-mail.

I organize my work myself, so I’ll appreciate if you send the most information right at the first contact.

Detailed information helps us both use the time effectively, organize the meeting swiftly and meet your expectations. I’m aware that my offer is exceptional and different, many of you have an idea, but you can not materialize it, do not hesitate to contact me with your requirements and wishes, I always do everything to make your dream meeting a reality.


Etiquette is an essential part of each meeting, so I ask you to make sure before meeting that you have the same opinion and attitude to our meeting as I do.

I am glad that these are your strengths and I look forward to meeting such an exceptional personality.

Terms of payment

You agree to pay 100 % of the SELECTED ELITE TRAVEL CARE package + all costs associated with the stay (flight ticket, accommodation, travel expenses, entrance fees, local service providers if necessary, etc.). on the bank account of the company according to the issued invoice.

TRAVELING TO USA AND AUSTRALIA often requires additional information, so the following information are always necessary:

  1. where I travel – the place of stay
  2. how long I travel – the period spent in the country
  3. reason for travel – business trip for the purpose of coaching, lecturing, therapy or consultation according to the issued invoice, which is paid to the company account.

I recommend insuring the appointment against cancellation of travel services. In the case of such event, the cancellation will be realised in accordance with the cancellation insurance requirements and conditions, the value of 80 – 100% of the expended costs regarding travelling, accommodation and transport is to be refunded. After the payment of the appointment charges, I do recommend to arrange your own insurance of travel costs along with medical insurance as well.

Respect for privacy and confidentiality

My top priority is to protect our privacy. I make great efforts and measures to adhere to strict confidentiality rules. Protecting our privacy is the priority of my services. Experience has taught me to communicate effectively, to make all the information clear, to make one online call during which I am happy to provide you with all the necessary information, not to create any common photos, not to promote on social media or other media.

Cancellation conditions

“Men have plans, destiny changes them.”

I know that there may be unforeseen events that require cancellation of the agreed meeting.

If there is an unpredictable situation and our meeting is cancelled, we can postpone our meeting for the next 9 months. Your deposit and costs already paid for the ticket, accommodation, special equipment or other costs ARE NOT REFUNDED (you can ask this from your travel insurace). I will offer you a new date within the next 9 months. You will pay again for all the costs associated with the new meeting.