I appreciate your interest and thank you for every gift you have given me. You often ask me what you can buy me, what makes me happy or what you can do for me.

First of all, I am a woman and like every woman, I like exclusive things. I am very pleased with flowers, small jewellery, or a gift voucher for a luxury shop. I look forward to every little thing that you sincerely and gladly give me.

However, you will please me the most by paying for or co-financing my personal development, studies, courses, trainings, and the publication of my book. What I am today and what I know is the result of more than 20 years of continuous study, personal development and practice. It’s the meaning of my life. In the near future I would like to complete:

  • Course: Impact of sexual forces on prosperity; cost 1590 EUR
  • Course: Lecturer – Transformation of sexual energy 1990 EUR
  • Course: 3rd highest level – Reading from the quantum field 1890 EUR
  • 3 week course of new massage techniques, energy transformation and full-body sexual ecstasy in Hawaii 6900 EUR
  • 1 year study: Shamanism and sexual ecstasy techniques (Armenia, Georgia, Polynesia) 17 000 EUR
  • Translation and publication of my book 8000 EUR

My highest goal and the greatest dream of my life:

Do you admire me, my work and the efforts I make every day to fulfil my dreams and goals? Would YOU like to be the one who will make my life dream come true? So I’ll briefly introduce it to you:

  • Building a unique centre (ranch, villa, castle) that will have specially adapted rooms to meet the highest sensual and ritual pleasures. The complex would include 5-element wellness, my school of magic touch and exclusive accommodation for clients and much more. I will not unveil any more 🙂

– Thank you –

 Contact me if you prefer a different kind of donation.