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You can learn the most effective techniques, have a great deal of knowledge, take the most prestigious courses, but if you lack the personal and sexual charisma your success in relationships is minimal.

And here I am talking about all types of relationships, not only as a partner or lover, but also as a boss, co-worker, neighbour etc. You must have already been impressed by a person to such an extent that you were willing to do for her or him what you usually don’t do, behave in her or his presence as you usually don’t behave, do things you usually don’t do when it concerns that person. 

When you imagine the person and it is for example a woman, you don’t understand what’s going on. It is not your preferred type, she doesn’t excel in anything, and she is not the type of a woman, model or sex symbol you would be willing to behave for like this, but still. There are a lot of nicely shaped feminine bodies around you and these women would give anything to be in your presence, but your thoughts are directed to this “ordinary” woman. You’re asking why? She has built a strong personal and sexual charisma.

Or you were in a tender where you represented your company and you did not get the contract, even though your product is of a higher quality, you have a well developed service, but another candidate won. And again the question: Why? You master the technique of persuasion, you have excellent speaking skills, and you can present your product. The candidate from another company was not nearly as good at the presentation as you. Well, he won the contract. He had a strong personal and sexual charisma.

It happens to me personally that customers say to me: Slávka, I don’t understand why, but when I am with you and I behave differently. I am not that kind, gentle, warm, helpful etc. Only with you. Otherwise, I am very cold, self-interested, uncompromising. I am quite different here and I cannot be the person I am normally. I just smile.

Of course, the characteristics of this customer cannot manifest in my presence because I DO NOT HAVE THEM. However, since we have met, we must certainly have something in common. Something that is in him must be in me, and something that is in me must also be in him.

And since I work with my personal and sexual charisma and know which personality traits I care about in a given situation and which I bring to the forefront, I work with the same ones with my customer. It’s my unique and inimitable personal and sexual energy code. And my customer is part of it.

As I am constantly strengthening my personal and sexual charisma and using various techniques, that I will teach you on my courses and in this book, creating and maintaining it, I know how I impact my surrounding and how I work with it.

Quantum physics brings us daily exact evidence and the impact of our energy on our surroundings. Our quantum field is soaked in by our personal and sexual charisma and the subconscious of the people we meet perceives it and people react accordingly. It is important to “program” yourself correctly and then control your surroundings, situations, customers, or partners. However, it is also important that it be natural and become your belief and part of you.

If you have built your unique personal and sexual charisma according to your wishes and needs and it sufficiently fills your unique energy circle, i.e. quantum field, then you have defined your own inimitable personal and sexual energy code.

Your partners will perceive this code and behave the way you want. They will be under the influence of your personal and sexual energy code.

For example, I strictly refuse to know any information about anyone. I never get any information about anyone, I don’t ask about the person. Why?

Because in my presence, this person will behave completely differently than when she or he is in the presence of someone else. And I won’t let anyone put their program on that person in my energy field.

In these circumstances, it always happens that a person who is, for example, authoritative in the company of others, is trusting and tender in my company and allows compromises. If I knew him or her to be authoritative, I would put this information as a virus into my energy field and weaken the effect of my unique energy code.

That would make him or her authoritative with me as well. Yet his or her behaviour in the company of others is merely a reaction to their energy field in which the subconscious of a given person reads. It has nothing to do with me.

This is very important for the partnership. Clients often ask me at the sessions: “I don’t understand why he is behaving like this? He wasn’t like that before.”” Here a question arises: “And how were you before? How did you behave before and what did you think? And how are you now? ”Our subconscious is only responding to changes in our surroundings.

How do you want your partner to behave? What characteristics should they have? How should they react? Unless you define what you want in detail, you can’t expect it from anyone.

And what you demand from others must first of all be IN YOU; it must be part of you, of your personal and sexual charisma, and your unique personal code. Then you will have it in your surroundings and in your partner.

Build your personal and sexual charisma and build relationships the way you want, have the customers you want, your surroundings will behave the way you want.



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