The world has been under the influence of a pandemic that has changed our lives and habits for 2 years. Under the influence of higher stress, fears for the future, increased demands on our goals, there is more fatigue, reduced energy, even sexual.

Sexual energy is one of the strongest and most necessary for our progress. In this new year 2022, I decided to supplement my services for a wider range of clients, not only for VIPs, with exclusive services focused on working with sexual energy in deeper spheres.

With my skills, I want to help more of you.

What is the recovery of sexual energy about and why is it necessary to pay attention to it?

– increases your personal energy

– strengthens your self-confidence – restores your creativity

– increases sexual libido

– you become more attractive to the surroundings

– Your skills and talents are growing – increases attention and patience

– reduces fatigue – Increases personal success

– increases resistance to negative aspects of the environment

There is no sexual activity during the meeting. It is a pure transmission and production of sexual energy in a state of deep relaxation.

The therapist is dressed all the time and the client has covered his genitals. There is no touch in the genital part of the body.

The therapy includes breathing exercises, touches, deep relaxation.

The recommended minimum number of therapies is 5.

  • 5 treatments (2 hours) 1640 EUR
  • 3 treatments (2 hours) 1150 EUR
  • 2 hours treatment 475 EUR
  • Deluxe weekend 4790 EUR

    Intense work with sexual energy. In-depth information in a personal consultation.

Let's build your custom experience

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