Hi Slavka – Laura,

I would like to thank You for the interesting, useful and enjoyable session on Thursday.

It was very interesting to talk to You about how to move energy around and how to prepare for the session.
It was also very interesting to see how You touched my Dear Anna and how she reacted to different things.

It was very useful to learn about soap bubbles, light touch, slow touch and to learn a code word : “Snowflakes” 🙂 That will be our codeword from now on for “lighter, slower, please !”

It was very enjoyable watching You and  touch Anna each other and see how Anna was enjoying her self. I really love to give others pleasure and see others enjoy them selves. I really enjoyed to touch and be touched by both of You. You can just imagine how it feels for a man to have two beautiful and dear women in the same bed 🙂

It was almost confusing to step out the door and into the city, people around and noise and traffic when we pourselves were in “another world”. We went back to the apartment with Anna and sat down with some candles a a glass of water to reflect what we had experienced. I felt very relaxed and happy about all the new I had learned. Anna was quite in another world, really disconnected from the world and looked so happy and relaxed.

Thank You Laura, this was very good and we will do thins again !