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Karezza – delightful sex without orgasm. Why?

Why is sex dying away from the relationship?

Karezza originated from the Italian word “caress” and it exactly describes its meaning. Karezza is sex without orgasm.

Yes, sex without orgasm. Many of you now wonder why they should have sex without orgasm.

Or you might think that if you don’t reach orgasm, you actually don’t have sex.

The view of sex and intimacy varies depending on our evolution of sexuality and sexual awareness.

Karezza as a sexual practice is not just such aimless movements. It is a set of targeted touches and techniques.

Some sources say there are 11, and I practice up to 15. Karezza was first mentioned in a published material in 1896 and later became more and more popular. It’s nothing new.

Karezza is stroking, kissing, cuddling, and stimulating specific erogenous points, targeted massage, hugging, feeling body to body.

It is performed without oral stimulation, without penetration and without targeted manual stimulation.

However, it brings highly effective benefits for sexual and partner life and increases overall quality of life.

Now you are definitely wondering what this has to do with sex and you may not see any benefit in it because for you sex = penetration (intercourse). And if there is no penis in vagina, there is no sex.

Now I turn away from Karezza to explain from the perspective of neuroscience what is happening during sex with orgasm.

And why men are more likely to need sex than women.

Where sexual disharmony arises and why the relationship between the partners cools down.

Neuroscience has already brought us the answer to these questions, it is up to us to accept the facts and change our sexual habits and beliefs.

Incidentally, this is nothing new. What we need evidence for from scientists in Western culture, has been working in Eastern culture for more than 5000 years in the form of tantra, taojoga, etc.

Why should we avoid orgasm? Even though you feel a joyful feeling all over your body during the climax, in fact all of this happens only in the brain.

While anticipating sex and the act itself, the level of dopamine hormone rises sharply and when we reach orgasm, it falls down abruptly.

The result is something called a biochemical ‘hangover’.

In men it starts immediately after ejaculation, in women it can take up to two weeks. It is a process during which the brain returns to its original chemical state of mind.

To put it simply, it is enough for you and you are not interested in making love.

Now, again, many of you might disagree that you can spend the whole night making love and achieving one orgasm after another, and your partner is “completely wet and hot” all the time.

If you have a brand new partner in bed, I would admit some of your claims for real, but if your acquaintance has grown into a relationship, sex is often rarer and rarer.

And this is the consequence of a biochemical hangover. You need something new, something else in order to make your passion and desire flare up again.

Some of us deal with it by changing a partner, others by looking for new techniques, ways, buying sexual aids or inviting a third person to bed.

And the biochemical hangover catches them up again, and if you’re married for decades, sex life can become an unknown term for you.

Addiction to orgasm and porn is just caused by the biochemical “hangover” of the hormone dopamine.

Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that helps control the brain’s reward system and pleasure centres.

More and more couples practicing sex without orgasm achieve its benefits such as deep sexual sensation, appetite for sex, enjoyment of intimacy, deepening of sexual perception, sexual satisfaction, and partner harmony.

Karezza is able to treat sexual dysfunction in men and lack of sexual interest in women. It even helps you with addiction to porn and frequent orgasms.

The most common manifestation is that while having sex you do not care about anything else, just come as quickly as possible and you absolutely don’t enjoy anything else it involves.

This is because the brain has become accustomed to strong chemical processes and is unable to satisfy itself otherwise.

By practicing karezza for a long time, you can reprogram it. But it takes patience.

Another very important benefit of KAREZZA is that a large amount of OXYTOCIN is generated during its practice.

OXYTOCIN is a hormone of love. The production of the hormone is not spontaneous; on the contrary, here must be some external stimuli.

These should ideally be of physical nature, as it is through the nerve signals sent to the brain that the hypothalamus learns to instruct the body to release the hormone.

Together with OXYTOCIN, the hormone of happiness ENDORFIN is released in the body.

If you miss OXYTOCIN you have behavioral and mental health problems: The second area where oxytocin works is the psyche, so its low levels will also affect behavior and mental health.

It can cause, for example, a higher perception of depression, stress, nervousness and discomfort.

People with lower levels of oxytocin have a lack of empathy for others, and have a problem in establishing relationships.

They may suffer to a greater extent from frustration, anxiety, fear and depression. They also have difficulty perceiving the feelings of happiness and success.

Partner problems: In the context of hormone influence on perception of surrounding stimuli as well as on emotional behaviour, it is necessary to mention the area of ​​partnership life. Oxytocin deficiency mainly causes emotional cooling down and reduces the possibility of intimacy.

If you are deficient in this hormone, you have a greater problem of establishing relationships, because you cannot emotionally connect to the other person.

In an existing relationship, there may be a problem with overall well-being and nervousness and restlessness may occur.

Sexual problems: Oxytocin deficiency also indirectly affects the quality of sexual life. It is precisely the context of partner problems, because lack of understanding means a worse sex, but also a decrease in libido.


Lack of sexual stimulation also means, for example, lack of release of oxytocin during normal life, this relation is clear. In addition, some studies have shown that low levels of oxytocin may also be associated with certain forms of erectile dysfunction.

This means that practicing KAREZZA fills you with the hormone OXYTOCIN, the hormone of love, and the hormone ENDORFIN, the hormone of happiness.

As I wrote at the beginning, KAREZZA is a sexual practice consisting of stroking, cuddling, kissing, hugging, changing body positions, activating specific erogenous zones, breathing exercises, better self-recognition, etc.

These are not just aimless touches. However, if you are a beginner, any willingness and gentle touches will bring benefits.

One of the effective techniques for high OXYTOCIN production is the stimulation of specific erogenous zones. Not all erogenous zones have the same intensity.

For example, one of the most effective is the mutual stimalation of the breast nipples by gentle clockwise circular movements for at least 2-3 min. or activating the pleasure point in the clavicle area of ​​the male and in the nape area of ​​the female, etc.

Why KAREZZA IS GREAT FOR ME is that its practice removes the addiction of producing OXYTOCIN = SEX in the form of intercourse only. As I wrote, OXYTOCIN is produced by touches, hugs and is not conditioned by intercourse when practicing KAREZZA.

The body does not have to experience the biochemical “explosions” of DOPAMIN, the body remains in biochemical harmony enriched with new hormones.

Tantra, taojoga, and other sexual practices, where ejaculation is undesirable, bring us this effect in terms of neuroscience.

This does not mean that the orgasm is not good or does not have its benefits either. It is important to find sexual “harmony”.

KAREZZA is one of the ways to change and improve your sex life and develop your sexuality. But it is not the only one. Each of us prefers a different form.

From the perspective of a sex coach I like to teach and practice it a lot, as well as tantra or sexual rituals. I am not a supporter of only one school, one direction or opinion. I advocate the idea of ​​self-knowledge and “customizing” your sex life.

You can learn MORE ABOUT KAREZZA at my course KAREZZA – the way to delightful sex.

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